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6 Common Pesky Fees and How You Can Avoid Them
Doesn't it feel like every time you make a transaction - rent a car, use a credit card, invest in a mutual fund - some fee you didn't expect and don't understand claims more of your money? It's hard not to feel cheated. What are those fees for, anyway? Are they justified? And most important, is there a way to avoid them?
America's Best Health Plans
A big shift is happening in company health plans. Workers are being held more accountable and bigger discounts are being given to those who participate in wellness programs. The Honor Roll recognizes the very best of the hundreds of commercial, Medicare, and Medicaid managed-care plans reviewed for this year's U.S. News health plan rankings. Most of the best plans in the country are based in New England.
Company Sells Fake Excuse Notes
Feeling like playing hooky, but nervous about getting caught? The Excused Absence Network has got your back. For about $25, students and employees can buy excuse notes that appear to come from doctors or hospitals. Other options include a fake jury summons or an authentic-looking funeral service program complete with comforting poems and a list of pallbearers.
10 Things Your DMV Doesn't Want You to Know
If you think long lines and sullen clerks are the DMV's only problem, think again.
Marketers Use Trickery to Avoid Do-Not-Call List
Older Americans are getting duped by the lead card, a seemingly innocuous tactic that can expose them to solicitations even if they are on the Do Not Call Registry. The technique is prompting legal action across the country.
Five Ways to Get Home for Holidays Without Spending a Fortune
Use these strategies to get to your desired destination this Thanksgiving and Christmas without breaking the bank.
Selling Britney
Britney Spears's every move is documented by paparazzi and celebrity blogs, but there is one area where she is keeping a low profile: promotional efforts for her fifth album, "Blackout," set for release Tuesday. That's remarkable, given the make-or-break moment that appears to be at hand for the 25-year-old singer. Hollywood Report -
Hostile Hotspots
"Vacation" in Rwanda? Increasingly countries that were war-torn, under brutal dictatorships, or simply off-limits to visitors are trying to woo curious travelers with catchy slogans, promises of unspoiled coastlines or uncharted territory, and, more often than not, a taste of the conflict that put these locales on the map.
Extreme Dining: Critters Make Yummy Food
How does ant caviar sound? Maggot cheese? Snake wine? 'Fear Factor' may have introduced edible oddities to the masses, but there are a number of unusual delicacies from around the world that have been around for centuries. Take a short tour of some of the world's oddest edibles. Before you read on make sure you have a strong stomach.

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