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Is there a one-size-fits-all strategy for living on a budget? is one of my favorite financial blogs. The site provides witty and down-to-earth commentary on personal finance issues and it's one of a handful of sites I try to read everyday.

But I found myself disagreeing with their post 'For those of you who are broke, 5 expenses you can't afford if you have credit card debt'. According to The Consumerist, people in this situation must cut out cable, eating out, recreational shopping, gym memberships, and expensive cars.

Here's why I disagree: If you're in debt and broke, you need to find ways to keep your costs down so you can pay off your debt and start to compile some savings. The best way to do that depends on who you are, and what kind of things give you pleasure and the ability to stay in the fight. Saying that everything should cut back on certain things is akin to saying that Jackson Pollock should have cut back on art supplies when he was broke.

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